Bears vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Chicago Bears take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season.

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43 thoughts on “Bears vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2021

  1. Outside of Cleveland. People are so quick to forget this was the most laughable franchise and worst sports team in the last 20 years… this team and organization still has to learn how to win and finish games. Week by week they improve a tiny bit, even when they lose

  2. Dang is Matt Nagy trying to end Justin Fields career before it begins? 11:50 I can't believe that was Jason Peters. I know it's Myles Garrett but Jason Peters is a nine time Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl champion, and a future Hall of Famer, but if he's playing that badly then it's time to retire.

  3. This offensive line is not that good the #71 and number #67 need to be watching from the sidelines there were 3 plays #67 got bull rush to the quarterback and #74 is just not talented enough and 71 got beat several times around the outside the way to play with a bad offensive line is to run the ball, run screen passes and some draw plays and then if the run is working you can run play action which draws up the defense so you have open receivers down field

  4. This was an awesome crazy game, wrote some earlier comments got good replies bad replies. And you know what football rules, and we have the right to say whatever we want, it ain't like the stupid crap going on in politics right now
    Go f-ing troll yourself on this comment, we are nfl fans we are team fans we are into something that rules!

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