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In this episode of Tifo Talks, Joe discusses the misconception of clubs capitalising on their big signings via shirt sales with the help of the skeleton in his garden, his hypothetical sportswear mega-conglomerate and his favourite news publication, Business Insider.

Written by JJ Bull.

Presented by Joe Devine.

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42 thoughts on “Do Shirt Sales Pay For Transfers? | Tifo Talks

  1. Might I suggest burning the garden as a whole, then after the skeleton has also burned along with the garden, ideally the cursed item that binds it to the garden has also burned away. However, you should also dig into the ground to make sure that there are no cursed items placed there by your rivals. After making sure of that you have a garden that is ready to be planted again, without the scary skeleton. and that will provide you with hours of daily fun so you don't have to make these videos and that may stop or slow down your descent into madness.

  2. Kit deals are sometimes renegotiated during the agreed upon term and subsequent deals may be valued if sales exceed expected numbers. The money that the club realises may not be immediate, but it is definitely more than what is stated here.

  3. Very literal joeish interpretation of the phrase "to sell shirts".
    There are no clubs Mr Devine. What do you think Man City/United owners discuss? exG?
    No. They take out their brand impact calculators and forecast the increased awereness.
    There is no such thing as personhood or character Mr Devine. There are only profiles and brands, and the CR7™ one would take a very costly blow if it became percieved as "unloyal"

  4. So then here’s my question… if clubs don’t make much money off kit sales, is the mentality that Arsenal fans don’t want to purchase new kits for fear of putting more money in Kroenke’s pocket overblown? Can I go ahead and purchase that glorious third kit guilt free?

  5. The money for the actual shirt no, the money the club could make by simply having millions of people wear a specific shirt aka marketing etc is a number we have no idea what will be, but it could be a lot. It could bring a lot of new "fans", social media followers, season ticket holders as boring as this sounds.

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