24 thoughts on “Barca Retires Number 10 for Lionel Messi

  1. These ungrateful sobs will forever regret let Messi go after treating his best friend Suarez like yesterday garbage, can't wait to see Messi scoring many goals with PSG against the ungrateful Barca

  2. Lionel Andres Messi was the footballer who made me fall in love with football. Watching him play was like watching magic on the field. Thank you Barcelona for retiring his number. He can't ever be replaced.

  3. That's so selfish,considering that they were other great players LIKE Ronaldinho,yes Messi is a good player, but he is not the greatest of all time,watching Messi play football is like watching a video again and again,even if you accept it or not,he has power over Barcelona,a lot of people is treating him like Jordan and that needs to stop. Because Messi doesn't want to spent time with fans or sign autographs,he only wants to stay in his bubble where you can't touch him,making more money, even at practice Ronaldinho always had the time to sign autographs,Francesco Totti played all his carrer with As Roma,that is love for your team.

  4. Por favor Messi dio todo por este club Barcelona y como la pulga ya tiene 34 años ya no es mejor a la verga con España y Barcelona son una basura de personas y este año Barcelona no van a ganar nada fuck club Barcelona

  5. Spain peoples are the most racist peoples around world they believe they’re best peoples around the world fuck Spain fuck Barcelona they will regret let go Messi they will not win nothing this year, you people will see fuck Barcelona go Paris German

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