Banned Jersey Numbers in Sports

Some number in sports you just aren’t allowed to wear. I tell you why. Thank you MANSCAPED for sponsoring this video! 20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping code FIVEPOINTS at

From the MLB, NHL , NFL and NBA, they all have banned numbers in sports. Yes, it’s true.

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35 thoughts on “Banned Jersey Numbers in Sports

  1. NASCAR has only retired one number in its history, that being number 61 in honor the late modified great Richie Evans. Also, they no longer a driver to use a letter as a number or after the number (meaning nobody can be X anymore)

  2. Ace Bailey actually got into a fight with Eddie Shore. Red Horner, who played for the Leafs, then came over and proceeded to beat the brakes off of Shore. Shore would wear a helmet for the rest of his career because of this retribution

  3. 7:18 UPDATE: Troy Polamalu 's induction give the number 43 a representative and if Jared Allen gets into the HOF in 2021 he will become the first to dawn the glorious number 69, fuck yes Jared. if Allen does not get in then Bakhtiari definitely will.

  4. One possible reason for no "69" in the NBA is that most college and HS associations don't allow the use of a number over 55. It's because refs are expected to signal fouls to the official scorer using their hands, and with 5 fingers on each hand a number higher than 55 is a PITA to try and do. Since guys go through HS and college wearing a lower number, most stick with it if then can in the NBA.

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